greenhouse vent opener

The poly tubes, held in place along the sidewall with retainers, are inflated in two stages by little blowers to provide two levels of ventilation. A back-up generator or 12 volt battery operated blowers are needed to handle power interruptions.

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2. In drop down systems, cool surroundings is introduced near the top of the curtain allowing it to moderate before it reaches the plants. The bottom of the curtain wall material is mounted on the baseboard with a batten or aluminum extrusion and the top is attached to the metal tubing. The curtain is lowered or raised by a system of cables and pulleys that are attached to the manual or motorized winch. A separate sheet of plastic-type material is frequently used for the curtain. This material could be a 4-season copolymer film or it can be a heavier material such as a reinforced polyethylene or polyvinyl.

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6. The reverse chain acceleration ratio and torque style make it easy to use.
Hobby Greenhouses are smaller, more affordable, and easier to come up with than commercial or retail greenhouses. They’re a good way for hobbyists to enjoy a small greenhouse within their backyard.

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