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16, 24, 32, 48 or 64 Diametral Pitch
Worm and Worm Gears pieces transfer motion between non-intersecting right position shafts. They will be the most compact small precision gears system offered, and also the quietest and smoothest running. A worm and worm gears placed can provide a high reduction ratio in an exceedingly small space.

EP has been manufacturing worm and wheel equipment systems for over 30 years. You can expect worms and worm gears sets in a range of inch and metric sizes and with quite a few pitch, tooth count, and hub choices. Our precision surface stainless worm and wheels and phosphor bronze worm gears supply the best accuracy, smoothest operation, and longest working your life.

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EP’ POWERFUL Worm Gear Systems
A worm is configured much like a equipment screw, but with teeth made to mesh with the teeth of a worm wheel. These tiny precision gears may possess one or multiple threads (named starts off). With each revolution, a single-start worm will maneuver the affiliated worm wheel by one tooth; worms with multiple starts will approach the mating worm equipment a corresponding quantity of teeth with each revolution. (electronic.g., a 2-start worm will move the worm wheel two the teeth per revolution.)

Standard worm gear worm wheels feature right, helical-cut teeth and provide only 1 point of contact with the worm. EP gives “throated” worm tires with curved, helical-cut the teeth whose curves meet the radius of the worm itself. Throated worm wheels provide a much greater get in touch with area, which vastly boosts load potential and longevity.

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